Кофейные аппараты "Ascaso" STEEL | Официальный "Ascaso Factory” дистрибьютор в Литве

This brand new addition to the Ascaso line is sure to be a hit with you as well as your guests! With it's cool blue lights, cup warming top, and square design, this steel machine is a top-notch performer. The Ascaso Uno works with either ground coffee or the ESE (easy serving espresso) pods. The boiler and brew head which is made of solid brass, ensures even heat distribution enabling the user to make consistent espresso extractions time after time. The three hole steam tip in the frothing aid attachment has now been replaced with the single hole. Make cappuccinos, lattes, and any coffeehouse drink you prefer with the easy-to-use steam nozzle which froths milk in a snap.

Эспрессо кофемашина "Ascaso" Steel Uno Prof

556,00 € 695,00 € Без НДС: 459,50 €

ASCASO Steel Uno PROF PID coffee machine

839,90 € Без НДС: 694,13 €

ASCASO Steel Uno PROF Tronic coffee machine

839,90 € Без НДС: 694,13 €

ASCASO Steel Duo PROF coffee machine

984,71 € Без НДС: 813,81 €

ASCASO Steel Trio PROF coffee machine

1 390,18 € Без НДС: 1 148,91 €

ASCASO Steel Trio PROF Tronic coffee machine

1 737,72 € Без НДС: 1 436,13 €

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