ASCASO Dream Polished Aluminium Coffee machine

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Polished Aluminium

Polished Aluminium

ASCASO Dream Polished Aluminium Coffee machine
The new generation of coffee/steam heating system is made of aluminum and stainless steel
- the heating element is made of stainless steel;
- the water circulates through and inox circuit (nickel, lead free metal) and is 100% compatible with the "Food Hygiene";
- reducing limescale build-up to a minimum;
- Oversized to guarantee professional thermal stability and provide quality in every cup.
Continuous preparation of coffee to within ± 2 °C temperature stability!
Easy to Make Coffee Cocktails - provides a limitless supply of steam!
Dimensions: 245x280x345 mm
Power: 1000 W / 230 V
98 °C coffee thermostat
165 °C ceramic steam thermostat
195 °C ceramic protective thermostats
The control thermometer
Brass Coffee Group Ø 58 mm
20 bar pump
3-stage pressure relief valve
The non-return valve
Tap: vapor / tea
Water Capacity: 1.3 L
Heated surface of cups
Water draining from stainless steel
The housing is made of 100% aluminum metal, corrosion-resistant
This finish is achieved by polishing the pieces by hand, one by one.
The possible disuniformities of the surface are due to the handcrafted and laborious process that we wish to maintain for its delicacy and that provides each piece with a differential characteristic. 
Weight: 8 kg
Handmade in Barcelona (Spain).

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