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Coffee machine „Ascaso“ ARC

Coffee machine „Ascaso“ ARC

The Arc has a comfortable size and is perfectly adaptable to out home or office. This coffee machine was designed with the medium area of the range in mind although without sacrificing neither its professional performance nor the design . And always, with great simplicity it its daily use.
Coffee machine ASCASO ARC
Dimensions: 220x280x320mm
Power: 1000 W / 230 V
98 °C coffee thermostat
165 °C ceramic steam thermostat
195 °C ceramic protective thermostats
Brass Coffee Group Ø 58 mm
16 bar pump
3-stage pressure relief valve
The non-return valve
Tap: vapor / tea
Water Capacity: 1.3L
Heated surface of cups
Inox tray
The Arc coffee machine is made in metal and painted with technological quality paints, used in Formula 1 and professional navigation).
Weight: 7,5 kg

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  • 460.00 €
  • Ex Tax: 380.17 €

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